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Thread: Dry leather

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    Dry leather

    I bought a lovely cartridge belt off here. Well pleased as it is comfortable round my ample girth. However the loops are tight and leather stiff. Any suggestions on softening the leather without making it greasy. Jim

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    Jim. I have used Hydrophane leather dressing in liquid form for many years and on numerous pieces of leather equipment or attachments. It will darken the leather initially but dries to the original shade on such items as knife sheaths, cartridge bags, boots and similar. It will not leave a greasy finish once dry. I get mine from a saddlery shop as it is used for bridles and the like.

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    Jimbo, slip into a saddlery and grab some leather dressing or saddle soap. If you want to go the cheap option, mutton fat, (i.e. by product of roast lamb or grilled chops) makes for a fine dressing that will soften the leather nicely. To speed things up put the belt out in the sun to warm it up or you can use a hair dryer on low. Just keep it away from your dogs though.

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    hey big fella give it to the wife to chew for a week that will get it supple

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    Any spare teeth,

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    hey big fella give it to the wife to chew for a week that will get it supple "

    If she is any good she will "chew" it hard!

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