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Thread: Custom 6 shot home made T3 mag with a twist...

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    Custom 6 shot home made T3 mag with a twist...

    So I took the notion to make a mag for my .308 T3 even though I have three 5 shot ones already. But why make a boring black one ohhh noooo

    Lets go light gathering fluorescent pink Now I'm not quite finished as my mag spring only arrived yesterday in a big box from the US but I had pulled a spring out of a 223 mag to test it works fine and oh yes it does work sweetly.

    Why the hell would you put a mag spring in a big box to send from the US.....

    So, I have my proper mag spring now and monday I will finish it off and start an 8 shot mag... Colour suggestions welcome

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    nice ,these are the kind of threads i like looks great,atb wayne
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    Looks the dogs doodahs!!! a wee project from work no doubt! looking sweet!!! looks all kitted out for zombie slaying now!!

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    That look the dogs doodars. Could you join 2 springs together to make a 10 shot?

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    Looks good mate, when are you putting them in production?

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    Original and very Distinctive, well done.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    into production nah , but i'll do a few variations and offer a couple up maybe. Thinking fluoro orange and yellow, maybe blue. The annoying bit is getting the springs. I had hoped to get the unfolded spring strip steel but couldn't find some so it's £12 a spring tut

    10 shot, yeh springs are out there to do a straight 10 but it's quite extended, 8's about the ideal biggy. There's a conversion kit from roedale to accept ai 10 shot mags which would be a better profile
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    Small Order SpringsPressings Ltd - home page

    These guys do some stuff for me, they might be worth a chat.

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    Paul did you try clock makers for spring steel strip? Also I used to buy special springs from Lee Springs (Wire Forms | Custom Wire Forms | Compression Springs | Custom Springs) They might help you.


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    will check out the companies, nice one

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