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Thread: Parker Hale H/B .308

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    Parker Hale H/B .308

    Free to good home

    1inch match barrel pro fitted by fulton of bisley hardly used.
    Grouping of less than 1 inch at 100yrds with correct ammo
    will make ideal first stalking rifle. According to the last merchant banker interested grouping was not tight enough. The last bloke who shot came to me, to shoot chinks shot it up the arse and was supposed to shoot for Norway!! fancy rifle and scope bloke behind it rings a bell.
    Genuine offer, to site members no more 1000 questions from merchant bankers please. Pics can be sent if required.


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    Offers like that don't tend to come along too often!

    Rgds Ian

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    Chinky Photo's please and wheres your location?

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    Rifle now going to good home on Sunday.
    Will keep all interested if not collected, as post said offers like this don't come along often!!

    Many thanks to all genuine site members

    Best regards


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    Thanks Mark
    I'll put a scope on it this week and try it out before my mate has it. Interesting to find out a bit more about CWD too.

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