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Thread: Introducing people to stalking

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    Introducing people to stalking

    Im bored and wouldnt normally post such threads but thought i would share it with the SD fraternity..

    Recently someone i know has been keen on joining me on shooting trips, be it lamping, waiting for reynard or stalking.. I took her out and let her have a few shots with the 7-08 at gongs.. 2x 4'' gongs at 100yds and a 12'' square at 450yds. She put two shots on top of each other at 100yds on the 4'' and put two shots on the 450yd gong..

    Anyways, i took her out one evening with the .22 to shoot some rabbits, sods law, there werent many around and the only opportunity was a shot off sticks at 70 odd yards (i zapped it with the geovids). She flattened it, saw its mate and flattened that too. Later that evening in the lamp, she had 40 shots for 25 rabbits. I was impressed to say the least. Anyways, shes keen to go out after a deer so i drew up a target and stuck it in the wood for her to have a go at. Discussed in depth the anatomy of a deer and then let her have 2 shots prone at 100yds which she aced and then i gave her sitting shots at 70yds which were ok but great for someone with her experience and then the last few shots off sticks at 50yds. All shots were within a 4'' group although some were slighly low. Anyways, overall im impressed with the ability to shoot and also the keen interest in stalking.. Its nice to pass on some of the knowledge ive learned over the years and see someone enjoying the sport.

    The silhouette is my own handywork and the killzones on neck and head were to illustrate the difficuties and problems with shooting deer in places other than the chest..

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    nice one. when it comes to it encourage her to shoot a bit higher. My last 2 novices seemed to want to shoot too low. middle fo diddle (heightwise) could save time rumaging in the undergrowth, or would that spoil your fun???

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    Yea SDD, that was the snag, i initially said 2/3 down from the top of its back.. after the shots i said stick it 1/2 way and it will fall over.. getting pine needles down my arse crack generally ruins my mo-jo!

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    Does your other half know?

    I can see pain for you,

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    Is the deer that's face on a very small deer or is just further away than the broad side one.

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    bobt.. i have no other half..

    matt.. i tried to draw its bottom jaw but ended up looking like a smiling deer! Got a giggle anyways!

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    fill your boots then bud.

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    Good thread, thank you for posting - bored or otherwise!

    Some interesting points come out - and very much echo our experiences.

    Targets - nothing beats a reactive target when starting off. But have found time after time - and particularly with lady shooters that their confidence is much improved after shooting at a deer target. Once they can see the shots on the actual shape going where they should, most report it takes a lot of the worry out of the thing.

    Lady shooters - united we stand in this sport. We remain a minority and as such open to the 'winds of fortune' on the political/ PR front. Yet there's a vast untapped segment of the population that we tend
    ( note underlining! ) to ignore at best and at worst alienate with more than occassional macho blathering.
    It is incredible the number of times we've had stalking clients whose wife/girlfriend/mistress/other comes along and either sits in the car or follows at a disinterested distance. Politely enquiring whether they would like a go elicits amazement from both parties. But ultimately a yes please about 70% of the time. On an equal %'age the bloke turns to me and says - ' I never thought to ask.... don't tell her how much rifles cost! '

    Far more often than not, the ladies tend to perform better and learn much faster than the male counterpart.

    So thank you again for the post.
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    Moray.. Ive noticed over the last few years that women are infinitely easier to teach than men, be it fly fishing, clay bashing, rifle shooting or flying. They seem to listen and follow instructions opposed to their male counterparts who pay your instructons lip service and then do it the way that they perceive to be best. Obviously its a generalisation but pretty accurate account of my experiences. And women are better to look at!

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    My girlfriend has already asked me when i'm going to teach her to shoot the air rifle and has expressed an interest in butchering deer ect, I might even go the whole hog and book her a range day as a xmas present.

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