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Thread: Welsh Gamefair

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    Welsh Gamefair

    Looks like another wey one , whos going to win the terrier show this year ?

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    I would think the dog with the largest webbed feet if this rain doesn't stop.

    I was intending to go to the Welsh game fair yesterday but it hammered down all night Friday and pretty much all of yesterday. Game fairs are not much fun in the rain, I feel sorry for the organisers and those that have commited themselves to attending.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    As a Gog (North Walian) this is a South Wales fair. It is hours away, Glasgow is less travel time for us! If it was a national fair it would move around the country!


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    Kalahari does it really matter what the title of the fair is? It started out some years ago when a group of guys in West Wales got off their arses and organised the event in a location that was convenient to them, at the time it was probably the only Game Fair in Wales since then BASC have organised the North Wales Game Fair at Bodelwyddan that doesn't move around Wales either does it. There have been other attempts a making a go of it in various other locations but for numerous different reasons they simply haven't worked out. In actual fact the original poster (trouble) is if I remember correctly also based some distance away in the Cotswolds and just like myself would have to travel some distance to get to the event. It's either of interest to you and you will make the effort to travel or it isn't. I have often travelled long distances in the past to visit various game fairs and events in different parts of the country. Personally as these guys started the original event they are entitled to claim the title Welsh game fair though I doubt that they make any great claims to representing the principality. It's simply not practical to move an event around a country not without significant funding and a full time workforce just look at the CLA or National Eisteddod as examples that.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    No but to be fair the Bodelwyddan one is callled the North Wales Gamefair. The CLA one does at least move around. As long as I don't have to start about it never coming to Wales. Builth Wells could handle it.


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    The CLA has been to Wales several times in the past including Margam Park and Glanusk Estate both highly successful. The logistics of moving that event around the country have been so significant that even the CLA have had to reduce the number of locations where they hold the event and we mustn't forget that they start to organise the next event even before this years event is held. Moving the original Welsh game fair around Wales simply just isn't practical or realistic. Most of the problems with mid and north wales as locations for any event is lack of infrastructure and suitable communication routes, plus lack of a large enough catchment area from which sufficient numbers of people are prepared to travel.

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