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Thread: winchester 748 in 308

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    winchester 748 in 308


    has any one got any views or data on the use of wichester 748 in the 308 using 150 gn nosler ballistic tip?

    all views and information greatly recieved


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    Try and their "Reloading Center". Hodgdon/IMR/ and Winchester are now owned by the same group.

    The Lee manual lists a starting charge of 46.2 grains of 748 and a maximum of 48 grains for about 2850 fps.

    BTW: With few exceptions, it doesn't matter whether it's a Sierra, Nosler, Speer or Barnes, or ???? make of bullet. A 150 grain bullet is a 150 grain bullet. This is the reason I gave up on reloading manuals made by bullet makers; Too limited in their scope. JMHO. ~Muir

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    i started with 45gn and worked up to 46gn. the 44gn cloverleafed and grouped the best.

    they all seemed quite an agresive round recoil wise....

    i am sure i read somewhere that if you dont clean the case lube off properly it can increase the recoil, is that correct, or is it just a trait of this perticular powder?


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    Lube on cases can increase chamber pressure. That would increase recoil, I guess. When I was beginning on my gunsmithing career the practice of shooting an "oiled" cartridge to proof a new chamber was just fading out of vogue.

    748 is a peaky powder for the 308. you'll note that only about 2 grains separates minimum from maximum loads. If the 44 grain load shoots well, you're probably going to like it.~Muir

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    is this beginers luck?

    my first 3 reloads ever


    i spoke with a reloading friend last night and he said that this powder has a reputation for being quite harsh and a bit of a barrel burner.

    going to try n140


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    Harsh? Barrel burner?? Since when? What is a "harsh" powder?? Other than black powder?? Harsh is what you do with it.

    Barrel burning happens when pressures are hot/excessive. Your 43 grain load probably is not that at all. If it shoots like that I'd hang with it. There is a tendency for new reloaders to jump from one kind of component to another in search of that extra, and meaningless, few thou reduction in group size. I haved been reloading for about 4 decades and have learned that when the first load I come up with screws three shots into a neat cloverleaf, the Red Gods of Shooting have smiled upon me. If it continues to shoot that way I happily consider the load development completed. ~Muir

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    Having just been reading the Modern Reloading manual (2nd Edn.) Lee says that Case lube left on puts extra force (due to not being able to Expand, seal the throat correctly) on the bolt and more importantly its face.


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    I have seen it said that putting lube on the case causes extra thrust on the bolt. The reasoning I've seen indicates that because the case is not "sticky" enough to grip the chamber walls so it pushes back more against the bolt.

    I've also seen an engineer say that using finite element analysis they established that this idea was actually untrue. However, I can't remember where I saw this and I've no idea if the person saying it was in any way qualified to comment.

    Does anyone know of any reliable sources for information on this topic?

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    My 308 no likey N140. It is a 22" barrel and likes faster rounds for some reason.

    I moved to Varget. 47GN. 49.5GN of N140 moves the 125gn Nosler sharply and accuratley in mine but could not get 150 to group the same.

    I would use all the 748 if your group is a s good as the photo.

    not going to get much better than that fro hunting or targer purposes

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