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Thread: Bushnell Trail Cam

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    Bushnell Trail Cam

    I have a bushnell trail cam that works fine on my computer, but when I try is on the SD slot on my TV I can only see pictures but not video.

    I select video from the SD card menu and the TV says "reading" but nothing happens.

    I've change the camera to PAL format which is correct for the TV.

    Anyone know how I can see my trail cam footage in full 60' glory?

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    Hi 8en7am1n,

    I've got a Bushnell HD 1080p job.

    I dont have a problem with the video when I play on my Sony via the leads supplied and put into the colour coded jacks.

    From the above it looks like your trying to use direct by inserting the HD card into your tele in the obvious slot.... I've had problems in the past with certain makes of SD card not working in this way.

    Try the leads into the tele first.. If not borrow or try another make of SD card and see if this works.



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    If you're still having problems try and download new firmware from the bushnell website. You need your camera serial number to do this which can be found on the inside. This fixes any 'bugs' and helps it run a bit smoother. Also if the camera has a bit of a 'moment' this can be just like resetting your computer

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    Theres lots of differerent video codecs and not all programmes recognise all the codecs.
    I edit my highlights on computer then put the vids on a usb stick

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