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Thread: Tracking buck and badger!

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    Tracking buck and badger!

    Thought this might be of interest to people.

    Went out Friday eve for a look about and not before long I saw a dark shape on the edge of the field under some trees.
    I could just make out it was a reasonable buck but not one I had seen before so decided to take it.
    At that point the heavens opened and the buck set down. I then lay in the pi##ing rain for 15min with less than 30m visibility.
    Rain finally eased and a shot presented its self.
    I took the dog over with me though I knew the buck was down but on approaching I could see a young badger so put the dog on her line.

    Badger held its ground for a while then retreated into cover.

    The buck turned out to be a cracker, far better than I would have liked to shoot this early in the season.

    Can't seem to up load the photo so hope this link works!

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    crackin buck dog is smart looking too


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