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Thread: My New Thread Protector

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    My New Thread Protector

    I have played around with my Remmy .308 and now it has a 16" barrel.
    It was originally a Remmy LVSF in Adl configuration so, while it was raining cats and dogs, I decided to have a play with it.
    The stock is a new Bell and Carleson Fibre Glass Remington pillar bedded Adl stock that I have opened up to take Bdl metalwork.
    I reckon my guy has done a good job with the cutting, threading and making the thread protector.
    The cutting was so good I told him to leave the crown as it was as the thread protector was good enough to keep it in the shape it was finished in.
    If that proves wrong I can always go back, however it has been quite good on the range so far for accuracy.
    I am still working on upping the velocity a bit as I have only managed 2560 fps so far. will try and get it around 2600 then I will be happy.

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    Blimey Eddie,that is a sexy tool I didn't realise you wee an amateur pimp

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    My Mrs bought some tins of duracoat paint in a selection of colours for touching up her garden ornaments.
    You know me, when she had finished and I found out the paint wasn't all used up I had to find another use for it as I don't like waste
    So now we have it two of my Remmy stocks are now phsycaldelic now when I stalk a wood cammoed up, all you see is the rifle moving through the air as if by it's own volition ghosts or what
    It also makes it easier to find after putting it on the ground or hanging in a tree marking the spot I took the shot from - ask Csl about that one

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    What load are you using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    What load are you using?
    That is a bit of a problem at the moment that I am still working on.
    I have so far used H380 x 50grns, Fed 215m primer and a 150gn sierra gameking and got just over 2500fps.
    I have the accuracy at 100yards and it would suffice for woodland stalking but I will be happier if I can get a bit more than 2600.
    I have just loaded a batch with H4895, a slightly faster powder, which I will be trying today.
    I also have some R7 which I may have to try if the H4895 doesn't do the trick.

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    IF you can acquire some BLC-2 might work.

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    Nice protector, but what happened to the stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by glogin View Post
    Nice protector, but what happened to the stock?
    It was/is a Bell and Carleson Adl Remington black fibre glass reinforced pillar bedded stock.
    It is now a Bdl 'My Stock' for my rifle and It matches the pretty flowers and colours of the countryside and the big Toad I have living in my garden.
    Am I clever or what - no need to answer that

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    you must have licked the toad eddy very psychadelic indeed

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