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Thread: RCBS dies

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    RCBS dies

    Hi looking for some RCBS dies in .243Win

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    have they got to be rcbs as ive got some lee here going at good money
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    I thought that I may have these to offer:-

    Complete with RCBS #3 Shell holder and allen key for the locking collars.

    Will depend on if I can get the Lee ones from 1967 Spud as I have not trouble or problem with Lee Dies. Just happened across these at a Bisley show just after acquiring the .243 Midland 2100 which is how I came by them. They appeared new when i go them and have loaded about a 100 rounds with them.

    Edit:- OUCH ................ have just been educated on the price of new dies. Even selling these I cannot justify spending that on dies right now so sorry I'll have to hang onto my RCBS ones.
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    Ok mate - still looking then guys!!!

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    I know it's been asked before but why restrict yourself to RCBS? RCBS may be reasonable quality but not significantly better than any other maker.
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    All my other dies/mics/comp dies are RCBS and i like using them.
    So would like to continue using RCBS dies in .243Win
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    Check e-bay USA many will ship to the UK like these:-

    Item number: 290686670147

    Item number: 120933099742 For new ones need to check shipping though.

    I have often brought dies from the US as they were not available locally or the prices here were just a joke. My 25-06 RCBS ones, the 280AI Lee Ltd runs ones and 6mm Remington dies being the last ones from the US.

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    Thanks for the tip mate but last time i bought something from the states i had to pay the customs duty and the royal mail fee
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