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    Fabarm Lion

    Hi,I have a 3 shot semi Auto 28 inch barrel multi choked shot gun for sale bought new for my wife to shoot its cased ideal pigeon gun it is nice and light in wonderful condition but my cabinet is full and i have my eye on a nice 20 bore 300 , Or i have a AYA no4 box lock side by side choked 1/2 and 1/4 been in the cabinet near 5 years and never shot 200 nice game gun for the coming season " AYA NOW SOLD"

    Let me know i will be putting some photo's on
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    K C Rimmington

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    Hi Kev PM sent regarding the AYA No4.

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    Hia kev,pm sent regarding the auto cheers paul.Ile wait to hear from you kev and ile come and have a look cheers paul.
    viewing wednesday all been well.
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