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Thread: Air to Air Heat Pump anyone have any feedback

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    Air to Air Heat Pump anyone have any feedback

    After PV and solar water my wife is looking to equip the house with a Worcester air to air heat pump. Sounds good as it acts both as a heater and an airconditioning unit. Anyone have one of these? Are they any good?


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    We recently made a decision to replace the school's expensive and inflexible night storage heaters with an air-to-air heat exchange system - so far it has been very succesful. The main issues were the costs of upgrading the wall and ceiling insulation (heat exchange works best in ultra insulated buildings) and the siting of the units themselves - even a domestic building will probably need more than one unit. All told the decision has been a good one and certainly more successful than trying to make a ground source heat exchange system work in a building not purpose designed for it.

    The only sting in the tail is that instead of only using power in the winter months to heat the building, we now use power in the summer to cool the building, when we would have just opened windows. However the overall increase in efficency offsets this by a considerable margin. The gamble is in assuming that electricity prices will remain lower than other forms of fuel...we looked at wood-fuelled systems but they are high maintenance (for commercial systems) and we could not source a guaranteed source of high-quality pellets locally.


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    Very common way of heating a house here in Sweden. Fitted a unit 2 years ago. Bloody brilliant. Works even when the temp outside is -20

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    With the current Building legistlation they are specified more and more in new homes and will become a mandatory requirement for most new homes here in the uk.
    The few that we have specified the clients all say that they work very well and notice a considerable amount of saving.

    Of coure, this is coupled with other features such as underfloor heating,proper insulated walls,roof and draught proofed to get the absolute best from the system.
    They reduce the need for radiators and are more efficient than electric or oil heating systems.

    The other issue would be the cost,wosterbosch have a very good website, but at around 5-10k paying for itself after say 4-6 years,and with a life expectancy of 25+ years it may well be worth it.

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    we have at work been installing these for about 3 years and they have proved to be very reliable and efficient, with what you already have installed ...pv and sloar you should be on a winner, when we eventually move i will be installing similar to you. steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375win View Post
    After PV and solar water my wife is looking to equip the house with a Worcester air to air heat pump. Sounds good as it acts both as a heater and an airconditioning unit. Anyone have one of these? Are they any good?

    for air to air, these are usefull units as you can link several internal units to one external unit, insulation is key, although strangely enough, the jobs I have been involved in (ground source, air to water ) have all been in old (200-400 year old ) listed buildings that would consider a closed curtain as a major improvement running costs can be quite a lot cheaper at current prices than oil or propane, but not natural gas(generally) as has been said, using the cooling option during the summer can eat into the winter savings
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    Thanks for the positive replies. Looks like I'm going ahead with the installation. Just want to get away from the fluctuations of the fossil market. I figure that prices are not ever going to drop from current levels. I've got wood burners downstairs. Putting the air to air upstairs as some of my bedrooms are west facing and with the sun shining (we wish) the childrens's bedrooms can get very warm. The unit will be blowing the warm/cold air into the hall. I am hoping the output is sufficient to cool the bedrooms as well.

    @Adamant: our primary was looking at renewables. Couldn't get the finance so the GB couldn't proceed. Shams really

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    Think about spending the extra and getting a ducted system. Coil in the attic, ducts to each upstairs room with a return in the hall.

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