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Thread: 222 rifle for foxing

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    222 rifle for foxing

    I am thinking of buying a 222 rifle for foxing, can anyone give me some feedback please on ammo prices availability. also distances you can take foxes with and any other useful info please.

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    A sweet round, designed for 50 grain bullets at 3200FPS. Used to be king of the bench rest as it is very accurate. Little recoil. Not too much noise either.
    Designed by Mike Walker of Remington in 1950.
    200 yards max typically.
    It is a buyers market as the 223 is more popular. Compare prices on gun trader.
    I reload using 50gr Sierra Varminter or Blitzking. You can get the PPU rounds for 10 for 20 maybe 12-14?
    Got to try a few to get the most accurate ones.
    Zero at 1" high at 100 yards

    Untitled Document

    .222 Remington

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    Hi Mate,Whats wrong with your 243,you do all right with it.

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    As Jack said, 222 sweet round, 223 more popular with wider scope for reloading and as Scotty pointed out if you've got a 243 why not use that instead of spending more dosh on new kit.?

    My 243 is used mainly for fox . 58GR V-Max really flattens them and has similar performance to a 22-250. 87gr V-max is my favourite.


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    Yes, 243 is great but I use it for deer and do not use the mod and have to re zero plus change the rounds and over the last few years have used more ammo than I should have. Plus I use 8x56 s&b for the deer and fancy a bit of magnification for the lamp. Foxes look small at night at 200yrds.

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    yes i also use 58 gr v max and do well it is just when I come to change rounds and take mod off I waste ammo setting up again.
    Thanks for everyones feedback I appreciate it chaps.

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    Hey up pal, yes I just keep having to put mod back on and change ammo and fancied just having the sole foxing rifle.

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    Thanks Jack, very helpful.

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    222 is just about perfect, I love the round. 200 yards is well within it's capabilities.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack View Post
    Used to be king of the bench rest as it is very accurate.
    ....................................and still holds the Light Varmint class 5 shot small group Record of .009" set in 1973


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