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Thread: A guy from Finland

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    A guy from Finland

    Hi everyone! It seems that you haven't had a finnish member, so I have to fix the situation. The main reason why I came here is that I have to practice my english, which isn't very good, but I hope You will understand.

    My hunting career started like it usually do in the countryside; when I was kid I shooted rats and fieldfares with an airgun. When I was fourteen I get my first whitetail. That was about fifteen years ago and after that I have shot them quite many. Nowadays I hunt almost everything that is legal in Finland. I have 4 dogs, dachshund, German Jagdterrier, American Foxhound and Swedish Elkdog. And after a month I will get new Swedish Elkhound puppy and I will try to train it mainly for a bear. I prefer hunting with rifle, which I have 5, .222rem ,.308win, .30-06 spr., 9,3*62 Mauser and .458 WM. I also have a "kombi" 12/6,5*55 and several shotguns, pistols and 22 LR:s.

    If I use wrong terms, please point them out. I don't care so much about the grammar, but it would be nice to know correct hunting related terms. Ego sum rex Romanus et supra grammaticam! My username comes from King of the Forest, and my real name means that in finnish. So I guess that King of the Forest doesn't have to care about grammar either.

    If You have anything to ask about hunting in Finland or something else, please feel free to ask.

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    hi glad you joined im sure you will have alot of stories and experiences to share ,your english is better than mine so no worries there, atb wayne
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    hi Kotf, glad to have you on board. This year will be the second year that some of your countrymen will be hunting with me in Sussex, good boys they are too. I will be hunting Moose next year with them in Finland.

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    Welcome to the forum Kotf.

    Lookin forward to hear about the hunting in Finland.

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    Welcome to the site, there are a few on here from Finland as a good friend of mine is also a member of the site and from Finland. I have hunted Finland twice and hope to return next year. Hope you enjoy the site.
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    Welcome KotF!
    You are too modest. Your 5000% english is better than the combined boards knowledge of Finnish! What is the situation regarding firearms laws like in Finland? Is it the same as here?

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    Tervetuloa! Our shooting (hunting) is different here as you will have seen on the site. I have been hunting in Finland with my Finnish friends a few times close to Kuopio, Oulu, Kestila, at Hailuto and in Finnish Lapland. Wonderful place, great people, excellent sausage, Koskenkorva and savu sauna. I should be there this year for forestry birds and moose. I have killed many 'Karhu' but not hunted or shot one yet. Good luck with your new pup.


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    Welcome to the site,

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    Kidos KotF,

    Also a welcome to the site.
    I guess you must be living in the western part of Finland as you mentioning the whitetail hunting and that was the clue for me.
    I was working over there for 6 months in Uusikaupunki in 1986 but I was not a hunter then But the local police did give me a firearm permit for my old .38 revolver to use it in the local range, and I still remember the wonderful coffee and donuts that I ate every day, I even went back there with the overnight ferry when I worked in Stockholm, just to have another weekend filling upon the donuts they really were that good.
    Very friendly people they are there too.

    Kidos Kidos

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    Hi Kotf
    I have some hunter friends in Finland, the one hunted Muntjac and Roe last year on a quick visit, and we all hunted with a mutual friend in Germany last winter they are hopefully coming to visit for a serious Muntjac hunt this spring and we will hopefully visit for my first Whitetail hunt sometime after looking foward to it.

    Welcome to the site


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