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Thread: Moly coated bullets

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    Moly coated bullets

    What, if any, are the benefits of moly coated bullets? I have just got a load of 150gr .308's and want to know if it is worth developing a new load.

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    Nope. Moly coating started with 600 yard NRA comp shooters years ago in the US and is has fallen out of favor as of several years back. The barrels shot no better, nor did they wear less.

    What they did find was that cleaning the moly residue out of a barrel was a real chore. Moly coated bullets are a dead duck here. The bullets are often found on clearance at gun and sporting shops.~Muir

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    How come the federal powershoks are now moly coated (at least they are in 6.5x55)

    There must be some reason for this.

    Do you have to clean any differently to stop the moly building up?


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    I bought a bunch (400 I think) of 50gr V-Max's moly coated - got them cheap.

    Anyway, my 222rem didn't like them as much as standard non-moly's.

    I threw them in the tumbler for 3-4 hours and polished the crap off them.

    Worked fine after that.

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    i used moly coated in my 243 when i had it and i think its just a gimmic when i couldnt get moly coated and used standard there was no zero or grouping differnce

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