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Thread: KAHLES BINOCULARS, 8X42 your views!

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    KAHLES BINOCULARS, 8X42 your views!

    Hi Chaps

    Looking to buy new pair of bins and the Kahles are within my budget and wondering if anyone as first hand experience with the KAHLES BINOCULARS, 8X42

    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    A mate of mine in Sweden swears by his. They are a nice size and fit very well in the hand. I borrowed them for a while and would say that they were as good as my 8x56 Schmitt in the failing light (so pretty good). good value as far as i'm concerned.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotwild View Post
    Hi Chaps

    Looking to buy new pair of bins and the Kahles are within my budget and wondering if anyone as first hand experience with the KAHLES BINOCULARS, 8X42

    Stalkingon a student budget meant that my first pair of bins were my fatherís old Zeissjena 8*32. A Stalking companion offered me a second hand pair of the aforementionedabout 5 years ago and given the price compared to the increase spec of what I wasusing I jumped at the chance. They haveserved me well since then and whilst more expensive brands might give you an extracouple of minutes, these have been perfectly good in levels of light that I amcomfortable shooting at. Mine have started to get a bit tatty so am consideringsaving up for a new pair and would definitely go for them again given theprice/quality ratio when compared to the more expensive bins where you arepaying double to price for only a fractional improvement in performance.



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    The Kahles I have used in Finland were good, high quality, in the top league where what suits your particular vision decides what is best.


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    kahles 10x42.
    i've used these for over 2 year's now,
    there up there with the best and being
    austrian made the build quality is excellent.

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    I have a pair of 10 x 42 Kahles bins. I'm very pleased with them. They combine well with my 8 x 56 S&B scope. At dusk, the bins lose clarity just before the scope, so I know that if I can see a beast through the bins a shot is on.

    If I was buying again, I'd probably go for the 8 x 42s. I'm not sure that for the stalking I do the extra 2 x is a significant advantage. I think the 8 x 42's would squeeze a few extra minutes out at dusk and so would be a slightly better choice.

    I'm near Burton. You're welcome to have a look through mine if you'd like to.

    Mine were an ex - demo pair bought from McLeods of Tain. If you decide to get a pair it would be worth a call to Mcleods to see what they've got in stock. They can often do a good deal.



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    had mine 4 yrs now very good for the money got mine new £550 .will get a scope when i need to replace or get a new rifle

    ps 8x42's

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    I've had my 8x42 Kahles and I think they are great. The best bins I have had.


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    I have a pair of 10x42 and think they are great. I got them from Macleods of Tain, I tried them against all the others in the shop and to my eyes they were just the job, they seem to find deer OK.

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    Thank you for your input guys, You have confirmed my decision, cheers

    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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