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Thread: Lazy question about lens covers

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    Lazy question about lens covers


    Im sorry for being lazy here, but would any of you happen to know what size / model butler creek lens covers I need for an S&B 6x42 scope?



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    Ask Bandit country he has 2 of these scopes


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    Objective lens flip up = Number 27 @46.7mm
    Eye lens flip up = Number 9A @ 37.7mm

    The eye lens may vary depending on the rim of the eye relief adjustment rubber. There is another cover - Number 9 @ 37.3mm which may suit your rim better - no jokes please!

    I always tape mine on so it isn't critical if they aren't exact. If you look at the chart on most sites that sell the things you will see that there can be as little as 0.3mm between sizes. If you let the outlet know which scope you have they will send the required size.

    If you are looking for really cheap ones I suggest you simply follow Trapper on one of his stalks - apparently he litters the countryside with the things

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    I've broke 2 lots eye peice butlers on my scopes recently - well actually when it was colder at the begining of the year, they just snap at the point where the cover attaches to the hinge thing. Whether its cold weather or rough-handling in the cold weather dont know....tried to glue them, pointless, even with the best evostick l can find, they just break again..
    hand dropped a few cheaper versions in my time too - still trying to find my AGS one l dropped a while back!


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