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Thread: Manners MCS-T3 Stock for Remington Style (Short Action)

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    Manners Stock / Jewell Trigger / KF Mounts

    Hi All

    Following parts for sale :

    (New) MCS-T3 inletted for a remington 700 s/a - right hand fitted with a 1" Pad 90% Carbon Fiber Shell with 3 studs in Black finish
    Remington Sendero (Varmint) barrel inlet. 350.00

    (New) Jewell Trigger (BR) with bottom safety for Reminton 700 etc : 180 SOLD

    (New) Ken Farrel Mounts ( Medium) : 75 SOLD

    Open to a sensible offer if someone wants all the parts

    Thanks for looking
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    For Sale

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    Stock is still for sale 350 (includes pillars for bedding)

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    What kind of bottom metal is it inlet for?

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    Still for sale

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    Thanks for not answering my question.

    Again what bottom metal is this stock inlet for?

    I am interested in buying.

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    I have one, takes a AICS mag,great stock very rigid....

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    I have a Badger M5 bottom metal ready and waiting. Each AICS comparable bottom metals differ. Hence wanting to know.

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    Answered by PM

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