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Thread: 6mm Accubonds

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    6mm Accubonds

    Has anyone managed to get their hands on a box of 6mm (.243) 90g Nosler Accubond ?

    If so where did you get them from ?



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    bit penetrative for that calibre IMHO, I don't think our UK species require that at all. Not questionning your choices, just noting that after doing some research myself, I found they actually penetrate 'too much' for deer I shoot with a .243. I contemplated them for the hill stags, but problem is that whilst they penetrate, they don't create near enough of a temporary wound cavity to instill the shock in the stags, which is fine with larger calibres that really hit hard, but a small .243 needs a bit more 'oomph' up front, and 'some' penetration. A quality Soft Point is just the ticket, and you 'can' use it on neck shots too, where the accubond might risk pencil-holing too much...not that I advocate it, I'm a H/L guy myself., but just 'saying'...

    sorry not to answer your question, just thought a bit of detail would help in your decision making.

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