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Thread: Midland Telescopic sight

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    Midland Telescopic sight

    I have just been looking at a Midland 10-40x50 sight , do any forum members have experience of this piece of kit, asking price is 150.


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    Don't do it...i had one on a cheap 223 and it didn't last 30 rounds.

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    Cheap scopes?

    If it was any good you would have heard of it before?!
    Don't buy cheap optics - you'll only regret it and have to buy a better one soon. You need to have complete confidence in your equipment if you have any respect for your quarry. Get something good and it will last you a lifetime. Good optics will outlast a rifle.

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    When the store was telling me about them they sounded quite impressive. Started telling me how they were rated up there with Leupold's top scopes They might be good but I doubt you'll get them for 150 to the same quality as a 1000 scope, with optics you really do get what you pay for.

    Buy cheap buy twice is the saying I always hear

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