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Thread: My First Fox

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    My First Fox

    I have just read this through, seems like a lot of detail for 1 fox cub, but I suppose we will all fondly remember our first...

    I took delivery of my HMR last week, I had been out and shot a few rabbits crows, but I really wanted to get some foxes. I didn't buy the HMR for foxes but as it will be a while before I get my 7-08 I decided to have a go at the gingers with the wee gun. I have bought an ND3x50 laser to go on the rifles as I like going out on my own on foot and didn't want to be weighed down with batteries and so on. It was foggy when I opened the package and that night I took it outside to see what it could do, The novelty factor with this product is high! in the fog its like you are wielding a 200yd light sabre! It came with a kit for scope mounting and a pressure switch for the fore end . I fitted it and decided to take it out tonight, I have to be up early so this was going to be an evening affair rather than a middle of the night job..

    I set off at 9.30 in full waterproofs as it was still raining, we have had at least an inch in the last 12 hours and everything was dripping, I was walking up the side of a field of barley barely 70 yds from my door when I came face to face with a badger, I froze and we looked at each other for a while, we were only 10 feet apart, he was making a strange grunting hissing sound, presumably to scare me off. I was just about to reach for my phone to take his picture when he trundled off. I continued through the waist high grass, glad that I was wearing my waterproof over-trousers on top of my waterproof country covers ones ( neither are totally watertight on their own when you are brushing through thick cover).

    As I climbed the hill heading for the wood where I have seen foxes recently I began to slow down, stopping regularly to look around, I was nearing the top of one field when I saw a buck off to my right, he was looking right at me, he was nothing special and as he ran off he was joined by another bigger one that I hadn't spotted, This was a nice 6 pointer, I think the same one I had seen last week about half a mile further east. I can't wait to get my big rifle! I was preparing to cross over into the next field when I saw a fox about 120 yds away, looking straight at me! I was annoyed with myself, this had happened a previously when I was out shooting rabbits, the fox had disappeared at speed not to be seen again, I slowly dropped to the ground and got up against a straining post, he was still there... I took out my squeaker and prepared to get comfortable for a shot. Before I had chance to make a noise he set off towards me, quickly trotting down a tramline in the fodder crop. I could only just see the top of his head. He didn't stop, just kept coming right to left, I squeaked to try and stop him.... It worked, he was only 20 feet away, now looking right at me, only problem was I was in position to shoot him where he had been, my rifle was stuck through a square in the ryloc netting of the fence, In order to get him in my sights I would need to be about 18" further away from the fence, no way I could move that far without disturbing him.. Sure enough despite my best efforts he was off like a scalded cat. I cursed my inexperience again.

    I slowly walked on in the direction he had headed, it was where I was heading anyway, I reached the edge of the wood at the corner of the field and turned to follow the woodland edge, I was approaching the spot where I had seen a fox 2 nights ago. I slowly crested a small rise and crouched down by another straining post, I began squeaking, and waiting, and squeaking again... after about 10 mins I heard a noise in the wood. I slowly stood up and looked over the fence, squeaking again to see if anything moved. Nothing did. Some young owls were squeaking to one another about 50 yds ahead, I decided to move on a bit further, I was moving very slowly and when I was level with the sound of the owls I stopped and sat down again. I was becoming quite distracted by the owls, one was quite close to me, it sounded like 10 yds or less, I had turned to try and see it with the ND3 but despite being able to pinpoint where the sound was coming from I just couldn't see it.

    I turned back to the field and saw something at the edge of the wood ahead, the wood runs down two sides of the field, and over the top of the crop there was something about 100yds dead ahead. I slowly sat back down and shouldered the rifle. Through the scope I could see a fox, just head and shoulders poking out of the grass, it was looking my way. I made a shrew noise with my mouth,( the only squeak I can do). The fox didn't budge. I waited and tried a few more times, no interest. I decided to try the squeaker, It was much louder, maybe too loud I thought, the fox looked but didn't move. I fully expected it to dart back into the wood at any minute. Should I shoot it at this distance? I had mentally prepared myself for squeaking them in closer and head shooting them, this looked a long way for a head shot. No way I could lie prone here, the grass was far too long. I repositioned my feet and steadied myself, I like the sitting position and am fairly steady so I thought, why not have a go...

    I touched the pressure switch on the ND3 and the eyes lit up very bright, It was still looking... The red dot on the sights was hovering around the eyes, needs to be between them I told myself, i was getting steadier, lining the red dot between the green dots.. Crack! a surprise break! Followed by a clearly audible thud. The fox disappeared. Felt good, sounded good, I thought as I stood up, I still couldn't see the fox though. I walked over to where it had been, I was 10 yards away and thinking maybe I had missed when I saw something in the grass.. and there it was.. It was a youngster, not a bad size but still slightly cute, even with one eyeball hanging out and a massive blood clot in its ear. So there it was, I had got one, sadly not the one that took our hens while we were on holiday a couple of weeks back... but a fox all the same.

    I carried on to the point where I had intended to wait up and shoot from, I waited and squeaked for about an hour, I saw nothing. Still I walked home happy, looking forward to the next time...
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    Nice one Tom and interesting write up thanks. I find that the novelty / excitement of looking for Charlie never wears out.

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    Thanks, its a great time of day to be out, rifle of no rifle..

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    A good writeup Tom, but please encourage newbie shooters to avoid the scope for ID's Ranging with a laser, or using pre determined landmarks works well.
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    Point taken re id, I'd never point the gun anywhere I didn't know of the back stop anyway. And my cheap nikon bin's are no where near as good as the scope... will need to save up for a nice pair.

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    Well done! Welcome to the slippery slope. You'll be wanting a remote caller next. Then NV. Then, after you've bankrupted yourself, you'll find you simply can't live another day without thermal imaging...

    "Hello everyone. My name's Paddy, and I'm a foxaholic...".

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    Nice write up Tom, I have to agree with Foss, 1st or 1000th, always a buzz! Keep a sporting rifle diary, something to look back on in years to come! I have to confess, I let mine lasp about 18 months ago, but gonna start it up again!
    ps I'm gonna get it out now!!!!

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