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Thread: How common are Fallow Hummels

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    How common are Fallow Hummels

    I have shot two bucks this year that have both been what I believe to be Hummels. I have never come across hummels before but have only been stalking properly for a year or so. They were not heavy bucks, only weighing 85 and 95lb each cleaned and head off. The one that I shot on Saturday was quite young but the previous one looked to be at least 3 or 4 going by the teeth.
    My question is, how common are hummels and is there any known reason for their lack of antlers. The two were from different counties, not form the same farm.

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    Not long after l started stalking l took on a fallow lease in Essex and came across one there, l tried for months to get to grips with him and in the end he disappeared probably got by the dog men as l was getting trouble with them on that ground.

    Because l never did take him an assessment obviously was not possible but he was a big animal certainly bigger than most of the bucks there, l have not come across one since or even heard of one l only take the occasional fallow now as most of my stalking is roe and munties these days.

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    Do you have any photos of the heads.

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    Unfortunately I have only got a poor quality one form my mobile but I will try to improve the quality a bit and post it up. Watch this space.

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    My First fallow buck was a Hummel 95 lb without jacket/head

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