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Thread: Big Red -Mates Rates

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    Big Red -Mates Rates

    I have the opportunity to take a big Red in Poland but now do not have the time, so rather than let the agent down, he's a mate of mine and is offering me a good rate, wondered if anybody would be interested in taking my place.
    It is a 6.1/2kg Red and was booked to be taken the 24th/25th September, travel out on the 23rd.
    It is 'mates rates' at Euros 1860.
    Collection from Berlin, tips and acommodation to be arranged.
    I know this is an advert but I thought it would be doing a site member a favour but if Mods feel I ought to pay then no problem, just let me know.

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    big stag

    Hi ED i see that you put my stag on thanks. acommodation is included in your price only travell and tips. The points will be 10 to 12 or more. hope this helps any prob give me a call

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    Just to verify that the Polish reds are enormous. I shot a 30 stone stag out there that was just a 10 pointer. They can be huge over there.
    No I don't know either of the guys above.

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    Hi Davy, sorry to let you down but at that price it was too good to just let go, so thought maybe some of the site members might like to take it on.

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    I'd go in a heart beat but I know that my other half would have a fit if I tried to bring another head into the house.......

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    Na bother ma boy am trying my best thanks ed.

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