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Thread: Working out pillar length for bedding

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    Working out pillar length for bedding

    I've been looking at several videos and web sites about rifle bedding and there are a few different techniques used to pillar bed. Some use a pillar in an escuchion in the stock others the pillar is glued in the stock and the action screws contact the pillar directly. Also when the action screw held the trigger guard on the pillar would go from the action to the guard with the screw holding them together.
    My rifle has the screws through the guard so Im thinking of the best way to calculate pillar length. Im assuming that if they were too long the stock would be loose and if they were too short you would not be able to tell as the screws would tighten up as normal? Do you cut the pillars long then gradually cut them down till the stock goes on tight? Or do you have a little play in them and allow the bedding to take up the slack?

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    fit the action/barrel to stock (with barrel taped to give required fore end clearance) and insert the pillars from below into the pillar holes you have drilled through.
    mark off the pillar where the trigger guard sits on the stock, or depending on style, the escutcheon recess, cut to that length. once fixed into the stock and when the action is fitted in the clearanced upper stock the action is in contact with pillar and the bedding compound is setting around it all to give stress free support.

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