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Thread: Federal Fusion primer protruding

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    Federal Fusion primer protruding

    Hi All. Tried 3 different factory ammo in my 6.5x55. Norma 120g ballistic tip, Prvi Partizan 140g soft points and Federal Fusion 140g. The federals group superbly and I can pretty much clover leaf my groups. However after firing the primers on the federals protrude from the case head which doesn't happen with the Normas or the Prvi Partizans.

    My guess is that Federal load is not generating enough pressure for the primer to be reseated after firing. Is this correct or is there a headspace issue with the federal cartridge? I want to reload the federal brass but have heard it is generally softer. Has anyone had any issue with reloading federal brass. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Yes your right the pressure is lower. I had the same problem in developing loads for my 9.3x57 those articles with data in I could find well my rifle having larger groove diameter needs more powder to equal the pressures so their top loads left the primers protruding. careful work up past their top loads gave me flush primers and no measurable increase in th pressure ring diameter.

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    My rifle is a mauser m03

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