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Thread: Dare I mention it?

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    Dare I mention it?

    I'm pretty happy. I got onto a web site that had some Nosler "blem" bullets for sale. I bought 1000, .224", 52 grain BTHP Competition bullets for $8/100. Looks like the prairiedogs will be ducking Noslers this summer. Previously, I'd had some Hornady Match in the same weight but I am down to a couple of hundred so the timing was right.

    I don't know if you guys get "blemished" bullet in the UK. Usually they are a bullet that took a stain in the final rinse. I've been shooting them for years with no problems.~Muir

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    We don't get anything reasonably priced. This is RIPOFF Britain.


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    Yep and being a Target bullet they are legal and can be sent by post too but we will not see them here.

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    They would have been sold here as vintage/hand made double price

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    never seen blem bullets. I used to get sage blanks (fly fishing rods) for $100 as they were cosmetic blems. Should have bought a stack when I had the chance. Never seen a cheap nosler bullet here or any other bullet for that matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRYAN View Post
    We don't get anything reasonably priced. This is RIPOFF Britain.

    Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Portugal will probably have some bargains coming up soon at a closing-down sale, so there is always the option to go somewhere else where things are cheaper?

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    I KNEW you couldn't keep that deal to yourself!!!

    ...just had to rub it in, didn't you? (read: humorous sarcasm). LOL!

    Then again, I caved in as well and ordered 500 .17cal 20gr'rs and 250 6.5mm 120gr BT's. (Guess I'm guilty as well for being weak willed......$111 out the door with shipping) LOL!
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    They are not sold here, does not mean we do not have any!

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    $8/1.55=5.16....I just paid 22 for 100 58gr .243 Hornady vmax!
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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