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Thread: Parker Hale rings - arb3

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    Parker Hale rings - arb3

    Any suggestions on where to try and find PH ARB3 or ARBS3 scope rings. Old and scarce I know.

    thanks, Sean

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    any pictures of them, I have a number of old PH rings/mounts, but no clue which ones they are

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    look fairly standard except they look a fair bit lighter with tapered edges compared to the ph rings in the '80's. main id would be the rings would be stamped ARB3. i'll try to dig up a pic and post. also a bit of a stand out is the dovetail mount is 5/8's or 16mm or so at the top of the tail so really pretty narrow by modern full bore standard.

    thanks for the post!

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    They are a lot different as they are windage adjustable:-

    A = Adjustable
    R = Roll off
    B = 17mm Dovertail
    S = Recoil stud of Std length.
    3 = 1" scope tube size

    The ARB.3 your asking for would have not recoil stud but still be windage adjustable. I have a brand new boxed set of ARBS.1's in my collection. These are for 3/4" scope tubes. Oh yes that terminology dates from the beginning of the 1960's as I found them listed in my P-H 62 catalogue but not in the #58 one.

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    BH ..once again.

    Cheeseman, on that note, I can see I do not have what you're after - sorry.

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    Thanks guys. That is true Brit, ideally one ring would have the recoil stud to match the rear base I have and the front would not. Adjustable or just Roll off would be more than fine with me but the #3 for 1 inch tube is a must. The PH catalogue I have does have a couple pages of the various letters and numbers for rings and mounts but it does seem to be earlier than at least the front base I have which is numbered 20. The gun itself is a Parker Hale deluxe conversion of and Enfield #4. Bases are 16mm (measures closer to 15mm with my caliper) versions of the bases used on the Enforcers. Thanks for looking PKL. One day I'll scare some up and try to bring them home!

    Have a great first day of Summer.

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    Ok this is what you have or very similar:-

    That is a P-H Supreme.

    It uses bases 20 & 21 with 21 being the rear which replaces the No4's ladder sight. The rings recommended for them are RAHS.3.

    Now what scope do you intend using?

    The highs are getting more difficult to find but lows are still fairly easy. I happen to have an almost new set of bases for the rifle in the Photo. The rounded and better finished rings are getting very hard to find .

    Now if as you say you bases are actually measuring only 15-16mm then it would appear some one has been at them as at the widest part, the very top, of the dovetail they should measure 19.6mm. I just measured 4 new bases and 3 measured 19.65mm the 4th was 19.57mm.

    Please let me know what size scope your using and if your measurements are correct as I believe your measuring at the bottom where the base fits onto the receiver/action of the rifle as checking the new A11 base in front of me it only measures 16.36mm at that point and depending upon the height of the base this size varies a lot. the top of the dovetail witht eh p-H number stamped into it remains the correct size to fit the rings.

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    Very similar. Sorry for quality of the pics, I took them just for a quick post
    Attachment 16634Attachment 16635
    The rear base which replaces the sight using the screw, pin and plunger is unnumbered but the front base is numbered 20.
    Attachment 16636Attachment 16637
    Both base dovetails are in fact 16mm-ish at widest/top of the dovetail and just shy of 11mm at the narrowest part at bottom.
    Attachment 16638
    So by PH catalogue 58 info, I figure am looking for bases which would need ARB or AB rings, one with the stud, one without;
    Attachment 16639Attachment 16641Attachment 16640
    and since the scope is a newer version Bushnell 4 power with T or German post reticle (1 inch tube)
    Attachment 16642
    of the one that came with the gun that I broke and discarded along with the rings about 25 years ago (was a 3/4 or 7/8 tube) I now need rings with 3 in the stamping.

    So that's my story.

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    Sorry but your photos are not showing at all.

    From you description I am sorry to say you also need newer unmodified bases as yours are clearly shaved down in width. I am guess this was done to use the existing scope and rings.. Now this is a new unmodified P-H BA21 rear base for the No4 Enfield:-

    The loop is a basic peep sight and why RAHS.3 rings are required to clear it. many cut off the peep so that the low RALS.3's can be used.

    Top of dovetail as you can see is 19.51mm.

    Now these are the late type squared profile RALS.3 rings:-

    This is the older ajustable type you first described:-

    You can see one of the adjusting screws in the side.

    Note nice rounded profile this is before the damned accountants stuck their ore in and simplified the profile .

    It would seem that i fitted the BA20 and other BA21 to my No4 Supreme so they are not here and it seems that I do not have another BA 20 front base.

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    I must have inserted the photos incorrectly. Live and learn. Thanks for all the info Brit. Agreed if I could get BA20 (and if it fit the holes for the 20 base already there) a BA21 and high rings for a 1"scope I'd be laughing.

    The rear base I have, maybe referenced as 21 (though unmarked), is totally similar to your BA21, just narrower at the dovetail and recoil stud hole end. Sort of talking in circles here but I really don't think anyone shaved anything down on my rig, they are factory bases for factory rings (that I don't have anymore but I think were either ARBSH2 or RABSH2). So I think/hope rings for the A base size would fit my existing bases. I hope.

    Excellent to talk to you about all this! I'll learn to properly post images and pop up one of my rifle some day. I think it is a PH Supreme, with the 'ebony and ivory' caps on the stock.

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