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Thread: Dirty Low Life Scum!

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    Dirty Low Life Scum!

    Just thought I would post to air my news.
    On thursday at about 4pm my Springer Spaniel dissapearred from the fish farm. He was lying in the sun chewing on a venison bone one minute and then gone. He is not one to run off but, as you can imagine, we have searched every square inch of the area but nothing. Noone has seen a sign of him.
    We are now assuming that he has been stolen. It is a fairly common occurence down here in Kent. If someone had pulled up to the gate he would have gone to investigate. Offered a biscuit or something and he wold have got in!
    If anyone gets offered a liver and white neutered dog with a very flat coat then please let me know.
    As you can imagine, I am distraugt. He went everywhere with me, even to the loo! He would get very cross if I shut him out!

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    Jeez Andy, you must be going absolute nuts at the moment, is he chipped?

    What part of Kent you in.
    I'll post this on other forums as well

    I hope you get him back quickly


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    We are just north of Tonbridge.
    Yes, we are all devastated, even my wife who always said she could live quite happily without dogs!
    He is chipped and was wearing his collar with tag for a change. I thought we were going to get a call to see if they could claim a reward for finding him but the phone has not rung.

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    Sorry to hear your news Andy, try giving these guys a bell. The lad who runs it used to work at my place.
    Worth a go

    Good luck


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    Bad Luck

    Hi Andy

    Im really gutted for you - I hope you manage to find him. I'd be lost without my two.

    Best of luck.


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    andy so sorry to hear that ,if you think the dog might end up in ireland i can sort out a pic in our monthly shooting mag for you .
    i have said it before we in the uk -ire should set up a data base of all our dogs to stop this .
    it would not cost a lot to post lost or stolen dogs on it .
    again so sorry to hear of your loss

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    andy, I can't help from where I am in the West Country, all I can do is sympathise. I hope you get your dog back & soon!!
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Oh Andy, what can I say except good luck mate.

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    Sorry to hear this Andy.
    Sadly this is a regular feature now, Lurchers, Gun dogs and Terriers are being stolen everyday.
    Andy, i`ve cross posted this to other forums i belong to.

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