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Thread: Hello from Hampshire

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    Hello from Hampshire

    Hello, I have been farming here in hampshire for the last 18 years, this has given me the chance for a lot of shooting around the area on the places I farm and the neighboring land. I am just getting back into the stalking and foxing after a break of a few years. I have a .17hmr for the bunnies etc and am in the process of buying a .243 from varmint 223.

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    Hi Mendus, lots of useful stuff on here mate. My parents own a farm on the Hampshire Wiltshire boarder, unfortunately I'm no longer in farming but keep my hand in evenings and weekends.

    Welcome anyway fella...

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    Good to see you on here Mendus - I'm sure you'll find it a really useful source of info. Look forward to meeting up with you again soon.

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    Welcome to the site,

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