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Thread: Lee Enfield scope mounts

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    Lee Enfield scope mounts

    I'm looking for 1" scope mounts for this old Lithgow 303. (Thanks to Brit I found out what it was)
    I bought a 6x42 meopta for the owner and would like to set it up for him.

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    You should be able to get away with RALS.3 rings abd Norman Clark of Rugby had some at reasonable prices. I am pretty sure the Meopta has 1" tube but check if it's 26mm then RASL.4's are the rings.

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    Thanks Kevin,
    I'll check the scope and give them a ring.

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    I've run into a similar situation so I would just suggest you be sure of the model of PH rings you pick up since they had a few 'standard' dovetail widths. Those do look like the 'nominal 19.5mm' dovetail that the RA series of rings fit. If it it closer to 16 or 17mm wide then it is a different series. RB at that point I think.

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    As I stated on the other thread the bases on your No4 conversion should be #20 & #21 which are 19.5 nominal at the top of the dovetail and use RAHS or RALS rings.

    I have just aquired and un-named steel version of that No1 Mk111 rail with some interesting low rings. If I can fix my card reader after the damned dog ripped the plug out I take some snaps and post them.

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