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    blank canvas

    hi folks i had ordered a 7 x 57 heym from my local gun dealer ,after a few problems and issue regarding heyms customer service /treatment and the said gun never coming i have cancelled it .so my problem is this i have a 25-06 i have for the roe and yes it is red legal allthough i wanted ithe 7x57 for stopping power as i use sub 100 g on the 25-06 and when i shot sika and red with the 25-06 with 110g and above i just didnt feel confident with it so i keep it with my sub 100g pirely for roe and its excellent .i did a lot of research and feel the 7x57 was the caliber to go for but as i am now looking around at various rifles the caliber choice has crept back in and i find myself questioning my choice /?!! so should i stick with 7x57 or change to another caliber while i have the opportunity i would love to hear others opinions ta

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    7x57, 7-08, 308, 270, 30-06..... not that much difference, bullet choice is almost more critical.
    I like the 308 because there is possibly the biggest bullet or cartridge choice.

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    For British conditions there is nothing the 7x57 does that the 270 Winchester won't do better. Except, of course, fire readily available bullets over 140 or 150 grains weight.

    But if you want bullets of OVER 140 or 150 grains weight then maybe the 7x57 isn't the best choice anyway as it is a little SLOW with those heavier weights.

    Indeed 7x57 with 175 grain bullet is about the same as the old (efficient killer) 303 British with the same 174 grain weight.

    A .30 calibre of some sort might be better. Say .30-06. But if you REALLY want a "7mm" then I'd look at 280 Remington (I have one) OR 7mm Remington Magnum.

    In fact, you know what? 7x64 might be the route that pleases you! You'll have it all. 7mm AND good velocity in a calibre that is fairly readily available and with cheaper Federal brand brass.

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    A friend of mine shoots a Sako 7x57 - It works very well with 120 grain bullets - nice & flat shooting with low recoil. Kills reds dead.
    If you fancy a 7x57 go for it but you shouldn't doubt the 25-06 as a killer of big beasties.
    Bullet selection is at least as important as caliber and putting it in the right place is really what counts.
    Bigger caliber & heavier bullets give heavier recoil when driven at the same velocity as light ones. Sure big bullets give more knock down power but can easily lead to less accurate shooting.
    I think the most important thing is to buy a rifle you like the look of and feels right in your hands when fitted with the scope of your choice the caliber is less important IMO.


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    Well, if you really want a Heym...this does seem "to good to be true"...400 AND a Swaroski 'scope! - Heym .270 SR 20 N Bolt Action Second Hand Rifle

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    For some reason those 4x32 scopes don't command the prices one would expect. I picked up a nice little Zeiss 4x32 with leather Akah case for a song about 2 years ago. For some reason plod took a liking to it and it went into custody.

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