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Thread: Hi From NW England

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    Hi From NW England

    Hi, i have jut recently joined the directory. I live in the Northern Lake District, and am a forest ranger. I currently shoot with a sako 75 .243, principally roe. i have been stalking for 15 years.

    I have particularly enjoyed looking through the posts, and look forward to sharing and learning from fellow stalkers.

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    Hi & welcome foxx i'm from lancashire & do my stalking up in the south lake district area. I've had good times there i'm booked in for the start of the roe buck season. The chaps on here are great very pleasent & extremely help full , No doubt you will enjoy

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    Thanks for the reply weeman.

    I know the S Lakes well through work, and have stalked there in the past.

    I didnt do as well as I had hoped with my does this year, so am keen to start my buck cull with purpose !

    Anyway, looking forward to it .

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