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Thread: Sven Zacek Deer Photographs to Blow Your Mind!

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    Sven Zacek Deer Photographs to Blow Your Mind!

    Hi, I first glassed this Estonian wildlife photographer's superb shots at the Wildlife Photographers Show in Bristol last summer. Since then, I have come to correspond with him and purchase some prints.

    And if you think your photos are good, take a look at these on...............



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    Have to say average for a pro, The Roe is not that great, poorly exposed and surprised he used it on his Web Page
    If You want to see some great wildlife shots try

    BirdPhotographers.Net - I't Ain't Just Birds! - BirdPhotographers.Net and look in the wildlife section, some harsh critics on there, The few I have submitted have been severely criticised and rightly so, thats how we learn

    craig Jones
    Niel mcintyre
    Chris Weston

    all much better and home grown

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    Doc i didn't bother to reply to the thread when I viewed it some time ago,I also thought the photos were very ordinary "for a pro out there online"

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    nice pics, i caught a guy taking photos on one of my permissions last year ....a really nice guy and we did strike up a friendship .his name is clive bushnell he has a flickr account have a look at his photo's on flickr
    cheers norma
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    See this month's National Geographic magazine for examples of Zacek's work........... twit twoo.......
    Cheers, K

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    Hi norma 308, Thanks for the Clive bushnell heads up. Very impressive indeed. Cheers, K

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