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    Hi all
    Arrived in the post this morning one new crisp ticket
    30.06 plus mod for deer fox and boar any land passed for
    that calibre with owners permission.
    Can't be bad for my first ticket and no land of my own

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    You jammy sod!!!
    Well done on getting it.


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    Well done JayJay

    My FLO would only allow a 243 to start - but no mentor so im happy.

    I tried the red stags and boar argument but to no avail.

    What part of the world are you?


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    new ticket

    hi Jay Jay,how did you manage to get boar on your ticket with no land of your own ? anyway well done,now the search begins for your new rifle,have you got one in mind ?

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    lucky bugger!!!!! took me 3 years for the f/o to give me a ticket saying that ..... well done you
    good hunting

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    Thanks for the replies
    i must admit i'm chuffed with the west midlands FA Dept
    only took about 2 months from start to finish to get it all sorted
    Thinking of a tikka T3 or perhaps a BlaserR93 ?

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    West mercia? Took me a year with them to get my ticket (although this was some time ago). Then when i put my application in for a 308 they said no boar! Then they put a condition on my 243 saying i could only shoot foxes with it whilst out stalking!! Ridiculous!

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    Yes Clive
    west midlands have said foxing only when
    stalking for deer but apart from that No conditions
    No mentor, No level one nothing

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    I would opt for the Tikka rather than shell out on a Blaser. No harm in looking at a Howa either. Stainless in a laminate stock would be my preference of finish with a S&B 6x42 no. 4 reticle on top. Do you have a slot on the ticket for a suppressor? You have an excellent gunsmith in your region too, see .


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    Great news - and it must be some kind of a record? But why 30-06 and not a 6.5

    I'm with Iwrch - why spend the money on Blaser when you can get the same accuracy with a T3 for half the price (OK, the finish isn't quite so good but if that's not important to you ....) - it'll mean that you can spend more on the optics. And I've yet to hear a bad word said about Howa either, although I believe that if you want a detachable mag you have to get a conversion done.

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