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Thread: Bonus buck

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    Bonus buck

    Went out yesterday evening an took a young cull buck, just about to pack up when i spied a huge buck heding down my boundry dyke.
    Too far and to dark for a shot so full of excitement i would be out for him in the morning .
    Got ther quite late **** he is only browsing round the pond about 100yds out, too much cover for a shot so i inched up the ladder till i got to a good position.
    just about to take the shot when the buck starts to run, and i catch a glimps of another animal chasing him off.
    What a dilemma which one to take, i decided on the challenger.

    It would have been nice to take the bigger headed animal but he looked a bit younger and he will be there for another day a real prospect if he manages to survive.

    The buck dropped like a stone with a shot to the neck , i gralloched it the john robbo method and found it a lot better than my usual messy way.

    To make it better on the way home a caught a glimps up close of a doe with two kid's in all a great morning out. DF

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    DF a very good buck nice photos and write up also regards pete .

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    Full of envy WELL done Bob just rewards for your hard work over the years

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    Bob that is a nice buck mate and the coronets look really large might be very heavy dont throw that one into the dog kennel

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    Well done Bob , I'm with 6p on this one, I bet you'll be surprised how much he weighs.

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    Thanks guys, he looks fairly thick at the bottom the other one i left is a lot taller and has more span

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    Looks quite an old fella Bob. It will be interesting to see what it weighs. Another one to be scored .

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    Rumour has it that this photo was actually taken down on DF's patch :

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