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Thread: Fox call

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    Fox call

    Just after a recommendation for an inexpensive fox call. Fancy having a go at Charlie since ive spotted him mooching about the last few times lamping wabbit.


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    There you go. Download some fox calls, bang them on a mini sd card and press play.

    Fox caller ala heath robinson
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Your hand is always the best AND cheapest fox call but if you cant make with the hand squeekyness then there are several ways of making a free fox squeaker!

    I've got one made from the squeeker taken from one of my dogs squeaky toys, just take the squeaker out of the toy and the little plastic compressor bit and hold it in your mouth and squeek it (DO NOT INHALE SQUEAKER!) or they fit really well into the neck of a .308 cartridge with the primer knocked out and by using your hand to vary the pitch and volume you can make any sort of noise from a roe call to a mouse squeek or rabbit scream.

    Or just a bit of polystyrene and a glass bottle or windscreen, wet the polystyrene and rub on glass.

    Or the old wideon whistle, about 2 from your local gunshop.


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    Forgot to add as with anything practice practice practice and dont practice squeaking foxes where you are going to shoot them! better to drive the wife mad than let foxy know what you are up too!

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    On its day a fox will come in to pretty well any sort of squeak, particularly this time of year when cubs are just starting out on their (hopefull) short hunting career.
    The WAM fox call or The Best Fox Call are always good stand byes and for about 13 last forever. As has been already said, the human hand, with practice takes a bit of beating.

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    cheers guys if i get a few spare minutes might try and get to the local gunshop and see if they have anything altho they do have a very limited supply of everything.
    The noise i can achieve with my hand is like a mouse farting so maybe not so good

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    Foxes eat a lot of mice!!

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    especially big fat farting ones!!!!

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    the trouble with my farting mouse is that it actually sounds like its farting custard. Strange i know

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    so you will be wanting to concentrate your hunting on the "sweet tooth" variety of fox.......

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