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Thread: Who owns stalking directory??

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    Who owns stalking directory??

    Can anyone tell me who maintains this forum? Is it run by basc or another similar body? Or is it run by private individuals/ company? Just interested!

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    Ever heard of 'who is'?
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    Quad sticks

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    Nope, you've lost me there!?! A tad too cryptic for me!

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    If you type '' into google you'll be taken to a page detailing who owns the name and any associated info that the applicant made available when buying the url.
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    Quad sticks

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    Didn't know that!Thanks!

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    Man alive! It run by the same people who run the RSPCA website!

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    I THINK NOT Sikamac and jb started it all and own the name csl Alex runs it ..bit of a strange question!!!

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    I'm Sparticus!!!

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    No its not
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Aha! I discover the truth! "who is" led me to a company called memset ltd. they must have the servers or something. RSPCA also use their services. Apparently the stalking directory is worth $6500!A long way til retirement boys! I'll start another thread to explain the reasons behind the question!

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