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Thread: Varberger .243 with Habicht Scope

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    Varberger .243 with scope rings and blocks.

    .243 Varberger bolt action rifle, with mounts and scope rings 600. Priced to sell.
    This is a superbly accurate rifle in good condition.
    Dorset/Somerstet area. It is NOT threaded for a moderator - before anyone else asks!
    The scope is Pecar 6x48 and not Habicht. 500 without scope.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Varberger .243 with Habicht Scope

    pm sent

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    I bought a second hand Varberger 6.5x55 last year; really pleased with it - accurate and well made.

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    bump for a superb bit of kit

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    bumping again

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    New photos added
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    revised advert, scope sold

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    The rifle comes with reloading components

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    the varberger is the best rifle i have owned very accurate very good well built and imho way better then a sako and mine has acounted for alot of boar

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    Thanks for your positive comments. The Varberger is certainly a premium built rifle and greatly underrated and as you state very accurate.

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