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Thread: A stalking directory iPhone app??

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    A stalking directory iPhone app??

    Another forum that I frequent ( has started releasing apps for iPods. It got me thinking, a stalking directory app could be a bit of a winner. Could have some deer info for the dsc1 candidates (species recognition, disease ID etc) some info about rifles, (ballistic calculator etc) if you wanted to get into it, you could make use of the iPhone gps stuff and record geotagged photos of killed animals and have a bit of a database to record info about said animal. It'd be quite handy when out in the field to have the mine of information that is stalking directory at your fingertips, particularly for the noobs! Maybe an extension of the deer dog register with your nearest available dog visible on google maps with contact details etc?? Just wanted to clarify who owned the site before I gave my million dollar idea to basc or worse!!

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    it would be a million dollar idea if there were a millon users who had iphones who wanted to pay a dollar (or pound) to download the app., say there are 5,000 forum members, of which a fifth have iphones, that's 1000, at say 1 download cost for the app you need to have it developed for less than that to make it worthwile, in fact, you'd probably have to charge 5-10 per download to make it even worth looking at,,,and a decent app will probably set you back a good 2,500 to 5K in the first place

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    of which a fifth have iphones,
    that might be ambitious......
    few of the guys I have met from on here struggle with keyboards let alone iPhones!!

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    If someone is really keen/prepared to do it, stick a project up on Kickstarter, promote it and if funding is achieved great, an app can be developed, if not, back to the drawing board...

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    I've never bought a good app for less than a fiver!! 5 is peanuts for a decent app. How much does a good book cost? How many people read sporting gun?? Get John Snowdon to write an article about it and you'll get a far wider audience! The content is here already. You just need to do it. Send me a PayPal invoice, I'll put 50 towards it. You'll never be bill gates, but if it pays for your time and breaks even, it's worth it for the betterment of the sport!

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    This time next year Rodney........

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    Ohh now I see why you wanted to know who the owners of the site are.

    You will need to speak to Alex (csl) but if my memory serves me correct we have already looked into this application for the site. Not that I have a clue, and many on here wouldnt (no disrespect chaps) as to how to work it.

    I am afraid I am like Jeremy Clarkson. My phone I use to make calls, send a text if I must, and if I am lucky take a photo, although I have a perfectly good Nikon camera that does this for me. Otherwise I have no further use for any thing else. Had a Blackberry once not the one you put in a pie either! bloody thing drove me nuts trying to figure out how to use it to its full potential. Couldnt be asked in the end!

    Now wheres Alex.............................................. ...........
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    It would certainly be useful if you could use it to record your cull information. Who has cull records all over the place on scraps of paper etc.? I'm sure an ap that would allow you to record where and when a beast was shot, the conditions at the time, all the normal cull records, and that you could append other info to later (carcass weight, any parasitic infections etc. You could have it linked to all the things that the iphone can do, for example gps will give position automatically, the phone will tell you temperature, you could link to a weather app for the expected weather conditions, you could even set it up to record position fired from and position the beast was on to tell you range, and maybe a third location to show where the deer fell so you can record distance run. This could be a goldmine of information.

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    Yeah, I could never work out a blackberry!The iPhones are simplicity itself to use once you've got your head round how they work. With the app, You could literally make a mess of shooting a deer, need a dog and pull your iPhone out and have it tell you where the nearest registered user is in miles, what kind of dog he has, how much it'll cost you and his phone number. That sort of security would be worth five or eight quid spent on an app. That would only need to be part of it too!

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    digital records are great, but you'll never pick them up and flip through them over a cup of coffee, they will just be data on a hard-drive,,,until it goes broke, then your data is lost forever! LOL..

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