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Thread: Proofing

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    I need to get a barrel cut down then screw cut for Michelle. When I got mine done a few years back the shop told me I didnt need a re-proof (though they now say the rifle was proofed) even so does anyone know if it is law to get a gun proofed once such work is carried out. The proof has has stated it is law but other shops are saying thats rubbish. Does anyone know where the definetive answer can be found

    Many thanks


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    This one has been going around for ages.

    Unless the work done causes a significant reduction in strength of a pressure bearing part, reproofing is not necessary. Cutting down a rifle doesn't reduce the strength as far as I'm concerned. Of course that's not been tested in court, but a lot of learned opinion has backed up that view.

    Also remember, there is no reason for you to get it reproofed unless you intend to sell it. It is an offense to offer (I think the actual wording is expose) an unproved firearm for sale or pawning. It is not an offense to keep, nor to use, a weapon that has been in proof but is no longer, for whatever reason.

    Most gunsmiths however will insist on reproofing, as this is what their insurers insist on as a pre-requisite of offering cover.

    So if you can find a gunsmith who is willing to do the work without proofing then it is perfectly legal so to do.

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    Cheers guys....just spoke to Jacksons.............many thanks


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    Please guys, "Proving" not Proofing, proofing is something you do to a raincoat or shoes to make them water resistant.


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    Surely to apply a proof mark is to "proof" an item?

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    The proof mark is proof of proving


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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    The proof mark is proof of proving

    Haha ok, I'll cede that point to you.

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    Can it be proven that proof is proof of proving

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