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Thread: Reindeer terminology

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    Reindeer terminology

    Hi guys,

    I'm helping a friend with some translation and I was wondering what are the correct names for, males, females and young?

    I'm not too clued up on reindeer hunting

    Is it:

    Males: Buck
    Females: Cow
    Young: Calf

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    Bull, doe and calf I think?
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    Bull, cow and calf.

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    Looks like we may both be wrong:

    buck, doe, fawn according to the above

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    Thanks lads.

    I see that bull, cow & calf come up the most in searches so I might just go for that.

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    Sorry Virbius, the dangers of quoting the internet, that is totally wrong!

    I have kept reindeer, and know a few breeders. They all say bull, cow and calf!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virbius View Post
    Looks like we may both be wrong:

    buck, doe, fawn according to the above
    I don't know who wrote this website entry but every hunting book I've read certainly refers to caribou as bull, cow and calf.

    Quite frankly looking at the entries for other animals this website does contain some useful information but amongst the good stuff it is riddled with incomplete or inaccurate facts and consequently I wouldn't take much of it as reliable. For instance it lists the young of deer as fawns, no mention of red deer calves or roe deer kids and there are other errors like no mention of bull or cow elk or moose, males and females being apparently either stags or buck and does or hinds. It thinks the maximum size of a bear is 600lbs whereas a big brown bear or polar bear goes about twice this size. They state that there are seven species of lion! These apparently being African Lion, Asiatic Lion, American Lion, Mountain Lion, Cave Lion and White Lion. Only the first two are species of lion, the second two are other names for the Cougar but not generally regarded as true lions, I've never heard of a Cave Lion and a White Lion is just a colour variation of an African Lion not a separate species.

    I could go on but I think point made!!
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    same as moose
    bull cow calf as above

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    Thanks everyone!

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    I only have this in my list which says forest reindeer (Metsäpeura)

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