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    .444 Marlin

    Evening Gents,

    I am looking at getting a .444 for hopefully( if the Met allow) deer and target shooting in the UK, I already have a .243 and a variation in for a .308. I have chosen this calibre as I also want to get into the continent for some boar shooting and I have just had an invite , which I have accepted,to go to back to South Africa and help with a bush pig problem. I have done some reading and see that this calibre can be downloaded to similar a velocity to the .44 mag, this would make it suitable for my target shooting needs.

    Did any .444 Marlin owners have any issues with the police in issuing your FAC? If you did how did you get the application through? I have spoken to my FEO( Met Police) and although he has been good and understands why I want the calibre he seems unsure and needs to look into the issuing of this calibre.


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    Stephen, if you can show good reason then there's no reason why they shouldn't issue it.

    If they say something along the lines of "we don't issue anything that big for deer" then remind them that they have to look at each case individually, they can't apply a blanket policy. Then remind them that the HO guidance table on calibers is to ascertain if an animal is good reason to hold a caliber, not a "go/no go" list.
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    I have a Marlin .444 ss and had no problems with Cumbria Police granting me it.
    I have mine down for deer,fox and boar and I also use it for target shooting.
    Down loading for my club's indoor range is simple 19-20 grs of 2400 with a 200-240 gr cast lead bullet on top, cheap as chips to use for a bit of practice/triger time .
    The .444 is a very easy round to reload and the 265gr hornady or the 270 gr speers bullets work very very well on piggys!!! big hole's work best when shooting driven pork .
    The main problem might be finding a used Marlin in .444 bit like Hens teeth @ the moment and when the come on the market they sell very fast and they aint makeing any more .444's at the moment since Remling got its hands on Marlin and fecked up the production line.


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    I have looked at the guidlines and see that the .444 is suitable for deer.

    Bob, I see on the marlin website that they still have the .444XLR series, I know what you mean about the .444's been scarce as I have been looking!


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    The marlin website has not being updated for a couple of years now just so you know.

    This site gives all the news about the .444 and about the new remlins!!!! here

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