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    this is a bit of a random subject but here goe's ......... are you acually bothered if your knife has a wood / plastic or bone handle ?????

    i know best practice says we should use plastic handled knives to be as hygenic and as clean possible !

    me personally i use a woodern handled knife from finland which is razor sharp and keeps its edge well , im clean and hygineic as i can be the game dealer has never compained about any of my carcases and has never checked what equipment i use ..... so doe's it really matter ?

    just woundered what other members thought ..


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    knife handles


    I do agree with what you have said, however in my case we are a game dealers & most of my staff also stalk inn their spare time.

    In the processing plant we get hammered about knife & tool cleaning by the EHO, he even made me spend 400 on a knife sterilizer before he passed the plant-even though its not a mandatory bit of kit.

    For this reason we all use plastic/rubber handled knives in the field-scrub up & then sterilize in a UV enviroment back at the larder/plant.

    Regards Lee

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    i totally understand where you are coming from , i know what you going through regarding hygine regulations because the game dealer ive used for nearly 10 years has had to bend over backwards to keep his export licience , and some of the rules and regs are borderline rediculus , soon i think the EHO will want us to stalk in white overalls white boots and a hair net !!!! lol

    cheers lee

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    another piont to make is that when cleaning andSterilizing
    knives the high temperature can split the wood or bone
    so making them even harder to sterilize hence plastic or rubber

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    Re: knife handles

    In the processing plant we get hammered about knife & tool cleaning by the EHO, he even made me spend 400 on a knife sterilizer before he passed the plant-even though its not a mandatory bit of kit.

    And every day you have to tick a box to say it`s operating at, what is it 92 degrees?
    Notice that butchers shops went back to wooden blocks because nothing else was feasible. EH aren`t as clever as they think they are.
    Lee, out of curiosity, how many deer do you process per day?

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    me personally im stalking just about every day and shooting approx between 4 -6 deer a week , and then running them, my point about all this knife handle stuff is how ofen does the handle touch the beast ? in my case never ! i use gloves like every stalker should , i use maybe 4 pairs on every beast i gralloch , im clean beyond clean in the feild , my knife is steralised in boiling water with bleach after every outing so i cant see the prob ....... and as a former butcher , you cant beat a woodern butchers block an absolute pleasure to work on


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    we are pretty small fry in the world of Game dealing, I have an EHO approved processing plant/cutting room attached to the side of the garage complex at home with a seperate 2.5mX8m tandam walk in chiller & freezer in the old garage with the skinning area in front of that.

    The cutting room is seperate through the normal vinal flaps so the two areas are seperate.

    We process up to about 20/25 deer per week now just for retail sale at 3 farmers markets & the wholesale to catering trade.

    It has come on leaps & bounds-but is still small time in comparrison to the bigger dealers in our area like Hampshire & Blackmoor Game, as I know they are doing up to 400+ deer a week.

    Then again they have a mountain of staff & overhaeads & I just have myself, the lad that works & stalks for me & my wife-(head packer)!

    The other thing is that the sterilizing unit we have works on UV light & not heat or steam.

    We have also now put in 3 seperate walk in Chiller/larder areas for storage on the estates I look after & the deer are then moved back for processing once hung, the chillers are not big I guess they would hold about 20 deer each, so we could probably store up to about 100 if required-which we probably did at christmas I guess.

    Regs Lee,

    P.S-few too many Lees on this string & not sure who is talking to who?

    Probably me talking to myslef? Hay Ho!

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