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Thread: You guys that have 308 and 30-06 with a moderator fitted how do they both compare

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    You guys that have 308 and 30-06 with a moderator fitted how do they both compare

    If you have both of these you will be qualified to answer the question above.
    I now have both on my licence and are favouring one more than the other, but would value you experiance if you have it
    Are you more likely to a flitch with one, how do they compare with un-moderated 243
    Thanks In advance
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    Hi Truffelhunting,

    Recoil wise the unmoderated rifles are slightly different. It's my experiance that the .308 is more of a sharp Punch were as the .30-06 is more of a shove. Difference is marginally but it you shoot th enough you will see what I mean. In terms of a flinch any calibre of rifle can cause a flinch so I don't think it matters. Moderated and unmoderated both are good calibre performing well on all uk deer. I don't tend to notice the recoil on my .308 or my 30-06 when I had one. I've standardised on .308.


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    The most notable improvement I found with the moderator on my .308 was the reduction in muzzle-flash, there is still a bit of a 'kick' and I would agree that the 30-06 was more of a shove.
    My .243 has noticeably less recoil (not fired it without the mod yet - only got it a few weeks ago), but it is laminated varmint barrel so a hit heavier - and is some of it in the mind?

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    Well my 30.06 is an ancient and trusty BSA 5 star Majestic which is very light. I thought it a bit bumpy and didn't want a moderator so I got Jim Young to put a muzzle brake on it and a good thick "Gooey" pad. Now it's no bother - if a bit noisy if you are to the side of it. The deer don't mind - they still don't know where the shots are coming from.
    The .308 is a Remington 700 with a heavy barrel and a moderator. It weighs a ton and the recoil is not noticeable at all.
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    Why do you think you are going to flinch,not the best line of thought,don't be scared of it or you will,when you put up a target you tend to notice report more,when you shoot a bambi you wouldn't notice at all watching to see the reaction,I've used 30-06 for 9 years plus,used without mod,with mod and a muzz brake,it's a more expensive cartridge to use but better than 308 I would imagine,I've recently got a 308 and I will find out for myself.

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    I have a Tikka T3 in .30-06 fitted with a Northstar moderator. It's extremely pleasant to shoot and recoil isnt an issue at all. I'd say the recoil was less than an unmoderated .243 but that's just my impression and I couldn't prove it!

    Again, I personally don't notice any difference between a moderated .308, .270 or .30-06 in terms of noise or recoil, and I doubt you'd develop a flinch with any of them if you have a decent shooting technique.

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    Flinches usually develop through poor technique.
    Shooting without a mod tends to focus you a hold a little, with a mod and it is possible to get lazy.

    IMO, mods reduce recoil but seem to slow it down a lot as well.

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    Muzzle blast (noise) can also cause flinching, not just recoil.

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    Muzzle blast as mentioned and poor fit of the stock to you will cause flinching especially the latter as you react to pain I have a Styer CISM in 308 and with the full power target loads is a bit of a handfull it isn't heavy enough and is really snappy. I tried a past recoil pad and changed the pad on the butt to a slip on soft one (which I am going to change back) With the combination of the two percieved recoil in the shoulder was like a 22LR unreal how much the past did its job. I think I got the magnum one 10 shot strings were much better on me and on the target too.

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