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Thread: New BASC chairman elected

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    New BASC chairman elected

    Martyn Howat has been elected as the new chairman of BASC’s governing council.

    Martyn, 59, has been a keen game shooter and wildfowler for more than forty years. He is also an enthusiastic salmon fisherman and manages a salmon fishing syndicate.

    He had a career in environment management spanning 38 years and his last job was as Director of Uplands for Natural England. He has been advocating the benefits of game management for the landscape and wildlife of our environment throughout his career with both Natural England and its predecessors. He has worked closely with Government and with a wide range of organisations concerned with shooting and environmental matters.

    Martyn said: “I am delighted and proud to be appointed to serve as chairman of BASC council. I hope my first-hand knowledge of the benefits which shooting brings to the countryside and society will help BASC in the tremendous work it undertakes to ensure the high standards of our sport. I will do my utmost to promote what we do and do so well.”

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    I wish him good luck as he has had a hard act to follow.

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    Congratulations to Martyn in his new role and all the best to John Swift.

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    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Hi David, where has he wildfowled.

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    Best of luck to him. I just hope for the associations sake that he doesn't alienate the membership as much as Natural England alienate interested parties in the land they manage.
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    My mistake, I mis-interpreted that as Martyn Howart taking over from John Swift. However, the sentiments of my post remain.

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    As my colleague sikamalc stated on the other thread, this site is not the place for airing grievances. I have removed comments that are the subject of ongoing litigation and I will remove any more that appear.


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