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Thread: 'A little inletting may be required' Base kits to take AI mags

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    'A little inletting may be required' Base kits to take AI mags

    I'm converting my remmy 375 H&H to take 338 lapua AI magnum mags via a base conversion kit. Three in the box plus one just seems too few. The fitting is an arse for this kit!!!

    It's just a **** of a job. 'some inletting may be required' is just not quite a full enough description of the work involved to fit the base. 2 hours at work with all the tooling you need and I'm only half way there.

    Best advice.... get someone else to do it !

    Any one else had one done? I know it will work out sweet but I'm not used to working hard at work.

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    Iam in that club to hard work is for play time

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    Crikey Paul why don't you just go the whole hog and make the bloody thing belt fed - how many trees you want to chop down anyway.!
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I did it on my Remy 700 308 using a dremel and small rotary cutter, took about an hour on mine.

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    as many as possible!.... the AI mag takes 6 x .375 H&H rounds and that's just joygasmic. Starting with one chambered with 6 rounds extra the felling damage when a sounder runs by is massive...

    This year in France with luck there will be shouts of 'sanglier' closely followed by 'merde les arbres idiot!!'

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