Two technicians are working for the electricity company in the Australian outback. One is up the top of a power pole and his mate is down in the van getting some tools.

Suddenly, the one up top feels a sharp pain in his privates and slips so he is precariously dangling in mid air only supported by his safety harness.

Looking down, he sees a snake slithering down the pole and
that he's just been bitten by a highly poisonous snake.

Shouting down, he calls to his friend below for help.

" 000 and tell them I need help! I've just been bitten by a poisonous snake!"

"Where'd he bite you?"

"Right on my donger!"

"OK... wait!"

So his mate below calls 000 and asks the emergency department what to do.

The voice on the other side says “You’ve got to work fast because the venom will travel into the bloodstream and kill the victim in 10 minutes. You need to quickly make an incision at the bite mark and suck the venom out with all your might and spit it out, just like in the Wild West movies. 3 or 4 sucks should be enough! Hurry up and do it now!"

"OK .... Thanks! “Says the mate below.

Up above the guy hanging is starting to get delirious. "What did they say?" he screams down to his friend below.

He gets the reply ....."'re gonna die"