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Thread: SilverOak from Hampshire

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    SilverOak from Hampshire

    Hello all,

    I've had an account here for a while now, but as I've not posted I hadnt really got around to the intro, so sorry, here it is belatedly...

    I'm a hampshire based stalker, soon to be a mature graduate of Sparsholt College Game and Wildlife ND. I'm a reformed ex-IT contractor who's turned to a new life and loving it! Have a DSC1, DSC2, lots of other tickets in snaring and keeper related work. I do part time pest control (fox, corvids, rabbits, pigeon) and also help keep numbers of deer in check on some local estates and farms.

    I shoot:

    .17 HMR
    .22 LR

    Have worked on a hunting ranch in Texas culling Whitetail. Stalked in Scotland on various estates for their culls too. Most of my stalking is in Hampshire though. I'm now also a member of the Hants Police HAD team.

    While I've not been in this game as long as some of you honorable members, I'm considering leasing some hampshire woodland with a view to offering some affordable stalking for new stalkers (who like myself not so long ago, find it hard to get that first experience) and also to witness DSC 2 stalks if required. Thats not as an accredited witness, just an industry credible one, as I've got my DSC 2.

    Would also be interested in anyone who has experience of good night vision kit for foxing.


    Glenn AKA SilverOak

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    Welcome to the site.

    Well remembered


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    Hi Glenn and wecome, nice to see some one els from Hampshire.


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    HI Glenn,

    Welcome - whereabouts in Hampshire are you based?


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