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Thread: Scope upgrade - best buy German?

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    Scope upgrade - best buy German?

    Hello all, I am considering upgrading my Zeiss Duralyt 3-12 x 50 for woodland / low land deer stalking on my 243 T3.

    I have been happy with the scope, especially on the roe but at first and last light on the sika it would be useful to maximise light gathering further and have the benefit of an illuminated recticle, as the majority of the sika have been taken at the first or last opportunity with the light / shooting time, often in forestry blocks.

    The duralyt has been 100% reliable and robust on the optilock mounts, so hope to sell on towards an upgraded scope. I would welcome any recommendations as a lot of money to spend and want to buy right and only once.

    Thanks in advance

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    If you want the best don't buy anything until you look at Nickel.
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    If youve been happy with the duralyt why not have a look at the illuminated version of the same. The central dot is very fine and a great help in low light.

    Regards Jon

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    the deer on my land are fallow deer (black ones mainly) they are a nightmere for appearing at very last light my stalking buddy has the 3/12x50 duralyt non ill and he says he struggles to pick the crosshairs against the dark coloured deer.
    but i have the 3/12x50 duralyt illumated model and i find the small illum dot very very handy i would go as far to say i would not of taken the shot on the last 4 deer i have taken without it (its also adjustable so you can get it just right for the light conditions



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    Thanks to all for the replies. I am planning to have a look at the Zeiss Victory HT scope and then decide.

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    Now looked at different options and the Zeiss Victory HT 3-12 x 56 is the one for me. Great light transmission and super bright and fine illuminated reticle, all in a robust well engineered product. Off to look for a deal....

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    If lightgathering is your main reason for a new scope you wont beat an 8x56 s&b or 8x50/56 swaro - thats if you can get you hands on one at the moment. i Have one and at dusk and dawn it is amazing. Only reason its not on my 243 is that i got a good deal on a swaro and i like the high mag - although when the light goes i still have to go down the mag range and i would still say the s&b is a little bit brighter

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    This :

    Good price too!
    (I am a schmidt & bender nut but thats a cracking scope!)
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    This will be available soon with illuminated reticle in a 30mm tube
    Cant wait to get my hands on one.

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