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Thread: Is it devalued

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    Is it devalued

    Do you think the award of DMQ 2 would be of less value if you were to shoot canned deer to gain this award.Or do you feel that it dose not matter and any three deer should do.

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    Depends doesn't it?
    There are levels to everything and in my (and DMQ's) opinion there should be not necessarily be a problem with shooting Park Deer (as long as the park is big enough to allow the deer to run away if the stalk is botched etc) in order to gain the DSC2.
    The Deer shown in your picture above would obviously not be suitable for a DSC2 cull.

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    In the end DMQ set the standard and if you meet that standard then you get the award.

    If canned deer are not forbidden and it is considered that the stalker met all the requirements of the award in stalking, shooting and dealing with them then he should be awarded DMQ2.

    So, I think the correct version of the question is "Does DMQ2 forbid or otherwise rule out the shooting of canned deer?" For the qualification to be valid and of value the answer to this question should be a simple "yes" or "no" otherwise I might suggest that the requirements are rather too vague and so devalue the qualification due to rather lax specification allowing for varying levels of competency or performance to be viewed in the same light.
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